My favorite bands (1) _ U2

U2 Vertigo Tour @ Saitama Super Arena



1. Team name: U2

2. How you met the band
: In Univ. years, my friends used With or Without You as his MSN messenger name. So I asked, Great words. Did you create it? and he said No. its U2s song. Wanna listen? Maybe it was the year of 2001.

3. Favorite Songs
: Stay, Beautiful Day, City of the Blinding Light, etc. (almost every song)

4. Sing along songs
: Stay, Beautiful Day, One, With or Without You, Kite.

5. Did you go to the band
s concert?
: Yes. Vertigo Tour in Tokyo (Saitama Super Arena)

6. Memory with the band

- One night before heading for Japan for the Vertigo Tour, my friend found out that my passport was expired. 
Music video that I was bumped into during the night TV watching.
- Deaftening Street's copy concert @ Hongdae
- Sang 'Stay' @ Mom's funeral

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